Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get in the Mood of a Man

If you feel that your creativity is stifled a little bit and you are limited to certain positions or certain scenes, why not fully immerse yourself in the raunchiness of sex?

Yes, I mean watch some porn. You don't have to go out and walk into a adult movies tore, you can get some video on demand online or even pay per view on your television.

What watching an erotic movie will do is get you in a creative mood. Think of it as research. You will watch and notice the andlges of the camera, the potitions, facial expressions, sounds and intensity if orgasm.

You can get ideas that you might not have e thought of like female ejaculate for example. Most porn movies have some story line but I would recommend not using the story line that you see for two reason, first, the plot is usually severely lacking and secondly, if you want to market your story, you may get sued by the adult movie corporation if you copy their storyline, and we all know how much money these ultra powerful adult entertainment companies have!

Remember in english class in high school or college? When you studied a movie and analyzed it? This is what you will be doing here. You can open your mind for example when the camera does a close up on oral sex. You can easily describe the pulling if the vagina lips, describe the tongue flowing through the lips and circling the clitoris lie a waterfall. You can describe the movements of his tongue and her naughty parts.

Watching adult movies will get you i the mood for sex too, so writing will be much easier. You can describe your intimate places better then put them into your story later.

Some professional erotic story writers will write pieces of scenes and catalog them to use them
when they need. For example, you might feel in a romantic mood and you need to write about oral sex. If you are not feeling the motion of this, then select youth expert of oral sex that you wrote while watching a couple having oral sex on your television.

watching porn movies will also give you ideas for potions because each movie needs to stand out somehow to not drown in the crowd of adult movies so each one is sure that have a good idea of something that you might not have thought of before.