Monday, September 15, 2008

Pick Your Perfect Characters

Characters and character placement is so important while writing the perfect erotic story. You need to pick the best people to fit the roles you give them. For instance, picking a husband and wife for a hot romance story could be the perfect pair for this setting. Put them on a tropical island, and give them some erotic sex toys to use on each other. This romance story just got bumped to XXX!

Choosing a city setting would be the perfect place to host a party with a young, rich girl and the hot waiter. She is hosting a huge gala for some good cause, but no body really knows what. She obviously has to hire a catering crew, and along comes a sturdy waiter with rippling biceps and a huge muscular chest. These two people make the best main characters for this scenario!

If you plan on staging a surprising incident, your characters have to be able to handle it. An older woman with plenty of life experience would suit this situation well. Her opposite could either be another woman or a shy, yet sexually intense man she barely knows.

Not everyone suits each scene. For example, a young, innocent woman would not suit an erotic encounter on an air plane. This scenario has to include mature characters for the mature scenario. Another miss match would be someone too old at a night club. You really have to be in tune with your characters, and choose the right two, three, four, or however many you need to create a proper and sensual erotic story!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Importance of Visual Descriptions

This lesson is about turning your words into visual pictures. It's an essential part of every erotic story. The look of the lovers needs to appeal to the readers.

When you have sexy lovers, your story is sexy and the readers actually become aroused by reading the descriptions of your people. Think about it this way. Hollywood always acts sexy men and sexy women in movie roles, it add appeal to the movie and suggests sex all the way. We like pretty faces and sexy bodies so wen you present this in your story, the readers get aroused as if they were watching a steamy sexual encounter on TV.

The level of descriptions often describes what type of rating your story will need. Very vivid descriptions will turn into soft core porn on paper. The more detailed your descriptions, the more sexual your story will be.

If you want to keep it sensual like a soap opera, I would suggest limiting your visual descriptions to the shape of the breasts or firm bulge in the pants. When you describe in detail the look of the private parts, it's a very delicate balance between being smutty and being descriptive.

If you story is a full blown sex story, then you can be free to describe. How do you do this without sounding gross?

Do you want to keep it classy? This takes more work.

When describing body parts, keep it phallic and use comparisons like "his penis rippled with passion like a snake ready to pounce". If you were to actually describe the veins and the head of the penis, it might not be too appealing because a penis is not a pretty thing.

Grab your thesaurus to use descriptive words, maybe you can even find a sexy thesaurus online and get some ideas from there.

Another great solution to getting around describing body parts is to describe the use of a vibrators sex toy on her. Describe him using it on her. Use visual descriptions that talk about how her juices flow down the vibrator, describe the pretty pink jelly that is translucent, you can see as she swallows it whole and her clitoris becomes engorged. These examples are ways that you can describe sexual acts without having to describe the body parts.

You could expand your story further to have more erotica by taking about using a sex toy for men on him. Write about how the masturbation sleeve, all lubricated is pushed over his penis top and the bright rounded tip is is submerged in the thick and padded material.

There are many ways you could approach visual descriptions and they are important in making your readers aroused on what they read. A careful approach will assure a very arousing story.

Another important way to describe the look of your sex scene is to describe the faces of your lovers. Sexual expressions are very intense and noticeable. They have looks of agony, excitement, pain and pleasure all at once.

Describe the wincing eyes, the biting of the lips, the wild expressions on the lovers face. Describe the wide eyed look at the loving stare. During intercourse, they connect eyes and it is a powerful thing, during oral sex, they look ta each other with lust.

When writing make sure to pay attention so that the readers can visualize the scene at hand because of they cannot picture what is going on, they will be lost in the action and cannot get fully immersed in the sexual erotic scene.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Power of the Sense of Smell

When writing a sexy story, always keep in mind scent. Scent is a very powerful aphrodisiac and draw people together. It can trigger feelings of sexual excitement, passion and intensity.

Think about your favorite smells and what they mean to you. You ex boyfriends cologne. What do you feel when you smell it? How about your current boyfriends cologne? How does that make you feel?

Think about your favorite sexual encounter. Was it on a fling or what type of situation was it in? If if was a one night stand, you might have smelled the stale alcohol from the club in the morning, that can trigger feelings of sexual arousal for some people. After shave is another popular scent because it means that they guy is clean, prepped and ready to go.

If you incorporate scent into your story line, the simple act of describing scent will cause the reader to pick up on your cues and imagine the smells themselves. When you describe scent. you want to keep it with the theme of your story. I will go back to the stale alcohol. Many people might think that this makes no sense but in fact, the stale alcohol can describe raw, animal sex. Uninhibited, taboo and bad. It can run with the theme of your erotic story.

A suggestion I would recommend to use in your sex story the scent of flavored lubricants. The smells are very sweet and erotic, they are made to excite the sexual mood so this is an easy way to be original in your story with a erotic scent and it will be easy to describe. Most of your readers will be able to relate to the delicious smell of flavored sex lube and for those who don't know, they might even be tempted to give it a try on their next sexual encounter.

Another sweeter scent could be scented candles. It tends to be over done so I would avoid this but if you are a novice erotic author then the candles are easy to describe and help to set the mood. Try not to stock with the candles because like I just said, they have been overdone and are not original.

This brings up my next point. Think originality. Your scent can be the fresh nail polish from t eh girl who just finished getting herself pretty for sex. This means that she is freshly shaven, freshly styled and ready to go, fresh like a newly picked apple.

When you describe scents, it will really enhance the mood and draw people into the story by making your readers really get involved and feel one with your sexy story.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get in the Mood of a Man

If you feel that your creativity is stifled a little bit and you are limited to certain positions or certain scenes, why not fully immerse yourself in the raunchiness of sex?

Yes, I mean watch some porn. You don't have to go out and walk into a adult movies tore, you can get some video on demand online or even pay per view on your television.

What watching an erotic movie will do is get you in a creative mood. Think of it as research. You will watch and notice the andlges of the camera, the potitions, facial expressions, sounds and intensity if orgasm.

You can get ideas that you might not have e thought of like female ejaculate for example. Most porn movies have some story line but I would recommend not using the story line that you see for two reason, first, the plot is usually severely lacking and secondly, if you want to market your story, you may get sued by the adult movie corporation if you copy their storyline, and we all know how much money these ultra powerful adult entertainment companies have!

Remember in english class in high school or college? When you studied a movie and analyzed it? This is what you will be doing here. You can open your mind for example when the camera does a close up on oral sex. You can easily describe the pulling if the vagina lips, describe the tongue flowing through the lips and circling the clitoris lie a waterfall. You can describe the movements of his tongue and her naughty parts.

Watching adult movies will get you i the mood for sex too, so writing will be much easier. You can describe your intimate places better then put them into your story later.

Some professional erotic story writers will write pieces of scenes and catalog them to use them
when they need. For example, you might feel in a romantic mood and you need to write about oral sex. If you are not feeling the motion of this, then select youth expert of oral sex that you wrote while watching a couple having oral sex on your television.

watching porn movies will also give you ideas for potions because each movie needs to stand out somehow to not drown in the crowd of adult movies so each one is sure that have a good idea of something that you might not have thought of before.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finding an Erotic Scene

A key to a good sexy story is to have a story line. You can go as simple or as complex as you like, but it needs to follow some type of theme.

Before you begin, think about what type of tale you want to convey. Is it a smutty, hard sex fantasy story? If so, a good story line could be an encounter at the bar then home for a one-night stand. If it is a medium-length story, begin at the point where your main characters are at home getting ready. Write about how the woman is shaving her pubic hair, masturbating, primping herself to be sexy like an escort. The man is talking with his buddies about they type of girl he wants, describing her body parts. If it a short story, you could fast forward to the meeting at the bar. Details areimportant too but I'll leave detail tips to the next post.

After they leave the bar, pick a location, if you are emphasizing kinky play, make it behind a bush in the dark. If you are going for romance pick a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub. You can even get extra kinky and select the bachelor pad and make the man's friend there so they can tag team...

You see where I am going with this? You can trail off wherever you want but I would suggest making a plan before you begin, this way your story has direction and your erotic stimulation is really created well. The less of the scenery change you have to describe, the better your story will be because you can focus on small detail. Unless you are writing a novel, I would advice never going beyond 2 different focal points of place in your erotic story because you will confuse your readers and will stray from the sexy moon in your sexy story that you are writing.

Write a sexy story with few locations to promote more erotic mood. The erotic story writing technique always focuses on the sense of touch and sight. Sometimes smell but this is usually an advanced erotic author's mention because it's all about creating and encapsulating a mood that the reader really feels a part of, they are as aroused sexually as the characters in the story. Write down your plan with your scene and then fit everything into the place you have chosen.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So you want to be a writer

Writing erotic stories is more fun for you then it is for the reader. When you write an erotic story, it is like expressing your deepest most intimate and erotic thoughts, all put on paper. You can be whoever you want to be and have any lover you want to have. The mood is so sexy. This brings me to my first point of writing an erotic story:

1.) Set the mood (so you can set the mood)

Be alone at night. Set up scented candles around you. Take a hot bath, shave your legs and your pubic hair, primp yourself as if you are going to have sex with the perfect casanova lover.

Masturbate with your favorite sex toys from then cover yourself with sensual pheromone scented after bath oil. Sprinkle rose petals around your room. Set up yourself at a desk or even better, in your bed, wrapped in a silk bathrobe. Illuminated only by candles, grab your laptop. If you are not a typer, then a pad of paper and a sexy red pen will do.

Be as comfortable and sexy as possible. Actually imagine that you are awaiting your perfect lover. If you have completely set the mood for sex, you will be able to have sex.

2.) Give yourself an orgasm.

If you have the orgasm hormones running through your body and your blood is pumping hot and heavy, you will be in the calmed, after-sex sensual mood. This is the best time to write an erotic story. The more sex-driven your mind is, the better you can wrote. Your thoughts will flow right after you've had an orgasm. Try it because our thoughts are sexier then ever because you are still on your sexy high. This makes a huge impact your ability to free flow with your thoughts and to write sexy stories.

These two tips for writing sexy stories are great starter tips, I'll be back aging to write many more sex writing tips to make you express your deepest sexual desires on paper. A liberating fulfilling sexy thing to do. Stay tuned to write erotic stories!