Friday, July 18, 2008

Importance of Visual Descriptions

This lesson is about turning your words into visual pictures. It's an essential part of every erotic story. The look of the lovers needs to appeal to the readers.

When you have sexy lovers, your story is sexy and the readers actually become aroused by reading the descriptions of your people. Think about it this way. Hollywood always acts sexy men and sexy women in movie roles, it add appeal to the movie and suggests sex all the way. We like pretty faces and sexy bodies so wen you present this in your story, the readers get aroused as if they were watching a steamy sexual encounter on TV.

The level of descriptions often describes what type of rating your story will need. Very vivid descriptions will turn into soft core porn on paper. The more detailed your descriptions, the more sexual your story will be.

If you want to keep it sensual like a soap opera, I would suggest limiting your visual descriptions to the shape of the breasts or firm bulge in the pants. When you describe in detail the look of the private parts, it's a very delicate balance between being smutty and being descriptive.

If you story is a full blown sex story, then you can be free to describe. How do you do this without sounding gross?

Do you want to keep it classy? This takes more work.

When describing body parts, keep it phallic and use comparisons like "his penis rippled with passion like a snake ready to pounce". If you were to actually describe the veins and the head of the penis, it might not be too appealing because a penis is not a pretty thing.

Grab your thesaurus to use descriptive words, maybe you can even find a sexy thesaurus online and get some ideas from there.

Another great solution to getting around describing body parts is to describe the use of a vibrators sex toy on her. Describe him using it on her. Use visual descriptions that talk about how her juices flow down the vibrator, describe the pretty pink jelly that is translucent, you can see as she swallows it whole and her clitoris becomes engorged. These examples are ways that you can describe sexual acts without having to describe the body parts.

You could expand your story further to have more erotica by taking about using a sex toy for men on him. Write about how the masturbation sleeve, all lubricated is pushed over his penis top and the bright rounded tip is is submerged in the thick and padded material.

There are many ways you could approach visual descriptions and they are important in making your readers aroused on what they read. A careful approach will assure a very arousing story.

Another important way to describe the look of your sex scene is to describe the faces of your lovers. Sexual expressions are very intense and noticeable. They have looks of agony, excitement, pain and pleasure all at once.

Describe the wincing eyes, the biting of the lips, the wild expressions on the lovers face. Describe the wide eyed look at the loving stare. During intercourse, they connect eyes and it is a powerful thing, during oral sex, they look ta each other with lust.

When writing make sure to pay attention so that the readers can visualize the scene at hand because of they cannot picture what is going on, they will be lost in the action and cannot get fully immersed in the sexual erotic scene.