Monday, July 27, 2009

Choose Between Romantic and Erotic

There are 2 schools of erotic novels. There are romance novels and erotic novels. You can't blend both because halfway through, you'll loose your audience when the focus changes from sensual to naughty. pick one or the other and stick to it. Blending them will throw off the tone of the whole story and will easily turn off your readers. It's very important to have flow in your story line and consistency in your story type.

Certain authors have romance novels but they still have steamy sex scenes. The difference between a steamy sex scenes in a romance novel is different then a steamy sex scene in an erotic novel. The romance novel shows tenderness, love, it emphasizes the magical, mystical bind between the two lovers. It talks about the 9rgasms as being an overwhelming moment with emotion, passion and how the while world comes to a halt. Time stop and the release of pleasure is shared with the partner. The use of g-spot vibrators for sexual arousal from is always a naughty twist, or for something a little more tame try a small clitoral stimulating sex toy from instead.

The orgasms moment in an erotic book is more focus on the self, the act of pleasuring themselves, not as much as a sharing act. The world comes to a halt but they are usually lifted out of their bodies to come to pleasure on another plain. It's not as emotional more physical, like a release of pleasure instead of emotion.

If you have lovers who experience the selfish orgasm, it lack the passion and the reader will not feel the moment as if they are having sex. Remember to reflect the sex scene on the emotion that flows throughout he story and you'll have a captivating tale of love the way it's meant to be portrayed.

A romantic story has less sex scenes then an erotic story, but just like in real life, people reading the same sex acts over and over again will get bored. You can only give so many blow jobs and have sex so many times before it gets repetitive and boring. An important thing to remember when writing many sex scenes is to make them in different locations. If you make them spontaneous, that adds excitement and people love a twist and the unexpected.

Outdoor sex is always popular because it's so risque and there are so many different places and ways to make it exciting and daring. A romance story can benefit from outdoor sex but it's not in the same exhibitionist way as the kinky couple. Group sex is another possibility but you need to be careful because with so many members, you'll get confused as to who is doing what and your reader will be completely lost.

Getting the mood down is very important and you need to keep in mind the emotional involvement of the story and your couple when putting together the best love scene.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Create a Climax

In any story or movie, there is always a climax, which no pun intended means the highlight of the story. In a sex story the climax means the climax! The height of orgasm, the whole reason for the story in the first place.

You need to be aware of this as the beginning of the story continuously builds up to the point of orgasm. Once the orgasm finally comes, you need to make it big and important otherwise it will be anticlimactic and you will leave your readers with blue balls they will be wanting more and will not eel satisfied.

Make sure you enhance the orgasm and make it better then real, since this is a story, you can do whatever you want. Be very descriptive and talk about screaming, rolling the eyes back, clenching of feet, squirting, scratching or whatever else you can think of that denotes a very powerful orgasm.

Both characters need to be addresses, the man will have an orgasm, too so you need to mention how he feels. Keeping in mind the smutty level of the story, you can describe in vivid detail or somewhat low key about the events.

Make the orgasms big and proud, it's the highlight of your story!