Monday, September 15, 2008

Pick Your Perfect Characters

Characters and character placement is so important while writing the perfect erotic story. You need to pick the best people to fit the roles you give them. For instance, picking a husband and wife for a hot romance story could be the perfect pair for this setting. Put them on a tropical island, and give them some erotic sex toys to use on each other. This romance story just got bumped to XXX!

Choosing a city setting would be the perfect place to host a party with a young, rich girl and the hot waiter. She is hosting a huge gala for some good cause, but no body really knows what. She obviously has to hire a catering crew, and along comes a sturdy waiter with rippling biceps and a huge muscular chest. These two people make the best main characters for this scenario!

If you plan on staging a surprising incident, your characters have to be able to handle it. An older woman with plenty of life experience would suit this situation well. Her opposite could either be another woman or a shy, yet sexually intense man she barely knows.

Not everyone suits each scene. For example, a young, innocent woman would not suit an erotic encounter on an air plane. This scenario has to include mature characters for the mature scenario. Another miss match would be someone too old at a night club. You really have to be in tune with your characters, and choose the right two, three, four, or however many you need to create a proper and sensual erotic story!